Mistress.K to my prospect servant slaves read!



Introduction: Hello, I am Mistress.K. This document will outline the rules on how to qualify to be a subservient slave. Mistress will judge all prospects during the trial period, not everyone will qualify. Read the rules and if you are brave enough, apply.

Who Qualifies: Prospects and Potentials When you first apply you are a prospect/potential. You will be judged on loyalty and obedience to Mistress.K. You will follow ALL rules and understand what is expected of you and what is not allowed that will result in either a dismissal or extended trial period.

IMPORTANT: Understand the “fantasy”, its boundaries that are laid out by Mistress.K, and the confines of the allowable “suggestions” to enhance the fantasy.

If you wish to make suggestions to enhance the fantasy within the allowable confines, be prepared to fund your suggestion when it involves props…etc. Else, do not bring it up!

Our evaluation goes both ways. Just as I evaluate your potential, you do the same! If Mistress.K does not fit in your perceived fantasy, discontinue service and move-on! Mistress.K is NOT interested in your opinions of her and how she can improve her ways! Simply because Mistress.K is part of a Coven that goes beyond your perception. Only Coven members with higher levels will understand this last statement.

Approach Mistress.K: When you approach you will say, “Mistress.K, I am your slave, I submit to you; I follow no other Mistress”.
And you must message me on OnlyFans@Kissra ONLY!

subservients do not have to show their face, it is their choice.

Subservient Levels

Trial period to avoid miscommunication and substandard sessions:

Our trial period begins by the slave listing ALL kinks, fetishes in full detail, afterwhich Mistress.K will review slaves list and decide to accept or reject. It is extremely important to establish a proper connection so sessions can go smoothly, no one wants to do fetishes they don’t enjoy, it’s pointless for both parties. Sessions are 1 hr maximum at $20 per session, if you need more time then it's an additional $10 for 30 minute increments.

  • slave will agree to do a minimum of three live sessions(face does not have to show).
  • slave will start in the kneel position on the floor naked from waist down with hands behind their back and will say Mistress.K, I await your command.
  • slave agrees to serve ONLY Mistress.K and NO OTHERS!!
  • slave will have ALL toys such as: dildos, butt plugs, spanking devices, clamps, clothespins, chastity cages, gags, panties, bras, heels, wigs for the sissy sluts laid out in front of them and will use them as Mistress.K instructs.
  • slaves will refer to themselves as slave, slut, sub, beta, sissy bitch, sissy boy.
  • NO Drugs of any kind, no smoking either.
  • slaves will take permission from Mistress.K to cum, pleasure themselves in any way.
  • slave must be in the right mood, mentality during sessions Mistress.K is not a babysitter, psychologist or therapist.
  • slaves will be given tasks to perform for Mistress.K, which will be done at slaves time.
  • slave will tip correct and full amount prior to session start time and will be prompt.
  • Mistress.K will decide punishments if slave is disobedient.
  • Mistress.K ends all sessions not slave.

Ownership of slave ESTABLISHED!

Once we established a proper and strong connection, we are both comfortable with one another, sessions are done on regular basis free of issues / drama, and we reach a point where Mistress.K accepted slave fetishes and kinks, slave is in the right mindframe for sessions, and picked a suitable time for sessions that work for both Mistress.K and slave; then slave will DM Mistress.K on OnlyFans@Kissra {Mistress.K, I am your slave, I submit to you; I follow no other Mistress. Am I worthy of Subservient-LEVEL-1. I remain at your service Mistress.K}.

If worthy, slave will be assigned a soul-number to enter Mistress.K's subservients Club at: https://Subservients.Club

Privileged information for graduates of Subservient-LEVEL-1

Additional Information

What NEVER to do while under Mistress.K

  • No drugs.
  • No racism play of any kind.
  • No lying of any kind, speak the absolute truth.
  • No scat.
  • No blackmail of any kind.
  • No ABDL (Adult Baby Diaper Lover).
  • No food fetish.
  • No needle play.
  • No furries or stuffed animals.
  • No drama: keep personal life to yourself.
  • No suffocation.
  • No blood sports or ANYTHING involving cutting, or blood related activities.

Expected Behaviour from subservients

  • slave must always be in the right mentality during session.
  • slave will arrange to be alone, in the right place during session.
  • slave will have all necessary toys during a session: dildos, butt plugs, spanking devices, cages, ropes.
  • slave will present themselves in the kneel position hands behind your back on a floor naked from wist down ready to serve.
  • slave can choose sexting or video call sessions and packages.
  • If at any time the slave needs to change times/dates, the slave will inform Mistress.K at least a week before and Mistress.K will have to approve the changes.
  • Always say yes Mistress.K
  • Always take permission from Mistress.K before you do something.
  • Mistress.K will assign tasks to slave: uploading content on a specific time basis, follow all Mistress.K social media and like all posts.
  • Trial period is minimum three full months of renewed subscription to Mistress.K OnlyFans.
  • Always be on time for sessions.
  • Always pay the full amount prior to sessions.
  • All slaves will list kinks/fetishes to Mistress.K for approval.

Communication Platforms

All initial communications and inquiries for potentials, and in order for Mistress to take you seriously, message Mistress on OnlyFans@Kissra ONLY!
If you message Mistress.K on any other free platforms, consider yourself NOT WORTHY and you are DISMISSED!

All sessions are done on any of the following platforms (You may suggest other platforms):


Mistress.K packages

One time session: $20 per 1 hour session
video/sext one time session $20 for one hour, you may do less but it is the same price. Mistress.K ends sessions NEVER slave. Dates and times will be worked out on an individual basis. Too many cancellations could result in a dismissal.

Weekly sessions: $40 per 1 week
Mistress.K offers weekly chat/text for a period of one week, renewable per week. Basically, it entitles sub to send text messages to Mistress.K at any time during the week, Mistress.K will respond when she is free, so it may not be a live response.

sub can upload pix/videos that Mistress.K will request and at the same time chat about subs fetishes, life in general and anything sub likes to share with Mistress.K.

This is NOT a scheduled session done at a specific time/date. It entitles sub to random chats. Keep in mind, these chats are NOT about friendships, or asking about other subs, or anything pertaining to Mistress.K business. DO NOT INQUIRE! Also, NO VIDEO CALLS ONLY CHAT/TEXT.

Buying Mistress.K gifts from her Amazon wishlist is not mandatory, but appreciated and will elevate slave in the subservient coven.

Important Notes

Important note1 NO DRAMA : All slaves must keep in mind this is a fantasy, all play that is done is kept confidential between Mistress.K and slave. You must be of sound mind and keep personal life/problems/drama out of it. If you want to suggest or change anything, consult Mistress.K and we can discuss. Relationships are strictly professional and confidential.

Important note2 PRIVACY : All slaves' content or any information provided to Mistress.K is NEVER shared with ANYONE in ANYWAY! Sessions are kept strictly confidential and NEVER discussed with anyone other than Mistress.K and slave.

Important note3 NO MEETUPS! : Mistress.K is ONLY virtual online, which means all sessions are done either on SnapChat, Telegram...etc, and never in real life, no meet ups!

Important note4 the Coven
If Mistress deems you a potential, you will get a soul-number to Mistress subservients-CLUB and be part of her Coven; to start your initiation pledge and you will exist to serve Mistress in her world.

If you violate any of the above rules on this page, consider yourself NOT WORTHY AND DISMISSED!

step-up, bow down and OBEY!